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Fresh Water Policy
Marine Fisheries Policy
Game Animal Policy
Firearms policy
Poisons Policy
Our 5G Policy
Our Cannabis Policy
Removal of Auckland Boat Fuel Tax Policy
Our Education Policy
Informed Consent Policy
Strengthen Democracy Policy
Regenerative Agriculture
State Accountability





Our Freshwater Policy

New Zealand is blessed with 1,100 rivers, 4,000 lakes and 600 billion cubic metres of annual precipitation. Of this, 11 billion cubic metres of freshwater is consumed (taken out and not returned) by human activity. Although this sounds, literally, like a drop in the ocean, the fact is that most of it falls where it is not consumed and conversely most is consumed where it does not fall.

The biggest consumer of freshwater is irrigation schemes, primarily for dairy pasture. Excluding hydro schemes this comprises 80% of all consented freshwater takes. In Canterbury alone the conversion of dry tussock plains into dairy pasture uses half of all our consumed water, despite the region having only 10% of the countries natural water supply.

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Our Marine Fisheries Policy

Lets Put the FISH back into FISHing….
Restoring depleted fish stocks to international best practice standards would mean more fish in the water and a more resilient marine environment.

For a fishery such as snapper this best practice standard is defined as at least 40% of the original stock size that existed in the absence of fishing. This is commonly referred to as B40. For slower growing species the standard is higher i.e. B50 or B60. We want our fisheries to be managed at B40 as a minimum.
The Outdoors Party will work with officials and the commercial sector to restore fish abundance so we can all enjoy catching a fish for dinner.

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Our Game Animal Policy

The NZ Outdoors Party believes that our wild deer, tahr, chamois and pigs are a valuable recreational, social and food resource. Hunting is an integral part of our history and culture and it should continue to be so, forever.

Currently the Department of Conservation is responsible for the management of our game animals in the conservation estate, with the Game Animal Council providing a lesser consultation role only.

DoC’s performance in this respect has been both varied and conflicted.

The Game Animal Council (GAC) was established to give the whole hunting sector a far greater say in game management but is beset with three problems.

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Our Poisons Policy


The NZ Outdoors Party policy is “the immediate cessation and use of 1080 poison” and the formation of a new pest control department consisting of young men and woman trained in ground based control.

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Our Firearms Policy

The Arms Act 1983 and Arms Regulations 1992 together constitute world-class legislation that tempers the right to lawfully possess a firearm with the safety of the individual and of society.

The philosophy of allowing only ‘fit-and-proper’ persons to possess firearms and ammunition is the most effective way to ensure the safety and security of firearms.

However, its enforcement and policing is piecemeal and inconsistent across NZ regions.

Read The Full Firearms Policy Here

Our policy on 5G

The NZ Outdoors Party seeks a moratorium on the allocation, auction and rollout of 5G spectrum licences until there has been a full public inquiry into the costs and benefits of 5G, effects on human health and the natural environment and how these can best be avoided or managed.

Cannabis Law Reform

We support the medicinal use of cannabis plant, CBD and other cannabis products for humans, pets and livestock and acknowledge the important role of cannabinoids in supplementing the endocannabinoid system and promoting wellbeing.

We support home grown medicinal cannabis and will encourage small New Zealand owned companies.
We discourage the capture of cannabis by Big Phama and the imposition of excessive
licensing fees that will block access to family and community based suppliers.

We do not believe cultivation or possession of cannabis for personal use should be a criminal offense.

The New Zealand Outdoors Party will support the will of the people after the 2020 referendum.

Auckland Fuel Road Tax for Launches

We will work to have the Auckland Roading tax on fuel exempted for launches and machinery. It is wrong that launches and stationary engines as well as others have to pay this tax when they are never on the roads. We believe that on wharf fuel bowsers should be exempt from the tax.

Education Policy. Draft.

A New Zealand example of kids being taught about the outdoors. https://educationcentral.co.nz/local-focus-why-a-whanganui-kindergarten-is-teaching-kids-outdoors/

1 Te whare tapawha. Educate on holistic health and wellbeing- body, mind, spirit and mindfulness.

2 Ethic of Kaitiakitanga. Educate on a foundational ethic of care towards the natural world
3 People power. Educate on our individual and community role in society, civics, rights, responsibilities and the constitution,  and on lifelong learning skills- camping, gardening, food gathering, cooking, sewing, carpentry etc
4 Mindful and safe use of technology. Educate on safe and balanced use, relationship between outdoor and real life skills and technology 

Informed Consent – No Compulsory Medication

The Outdoors Party promotes access to independent information and informed choice about medications.

It encourages well-being through healthy lifestyle, good nutrition and a connection with nature.

It is opposed to mandatory medication of water and of individuals.

Strengthen Democracy – Draft

The Outdoors Party will strengthen democracy by:

Introducing a system of “Tribunes of the People” into the system of government in Aotearoa, so any community can challenge the lawfulness of government action before a tribune (peoples jury).

If the tribune finds the power has been exercised wrongly then the crown must correct its conduct. If a crown organisation wishes to challenge the findings of a tribune it must self-fund its own appeal eg with funds allocated for staff bonuses.

Regenerative Agriculture, Heathy Soils and Climate Change – Draft

The Outdoors Party supports personal, community and national actions to minimise all pollution of our food, ecosystems and environment.

The Outdoors Party supports regenerative agriculture to promote healthy diverse living and carbon rich soils that grow healthy foods and thriving communities.

The Outdoors Party will encourage education, regenerative agnonomists, research and other resources to help farmers transition from heavy investment in chemicals to lower chemical input and more natural regenerative farming techniques.

OUTDOORS PARTY- State Accountability and Crown legal advice

Most New Zealand laws are currently focused on the state controlling the public. Although the rule of law requires that the state must also act lawfully it is often difficult for the public to hold elected representatives and public servants to account.

The Outdoors Party will:

  1. Seek an immediate amendment to the State Sector Act to require all public servants to give effect to the principles of public law when giving official advice and making decisions and to at all times act in the public interest;
  2. Create legislation for Crown Law to make clear that the primary obligation of all legal advisors employed or contracted by any Crown entity is to uphold the rule of law and act in the public interest;
  3. Review the Official Information Act to:
  1. make public information more accessible to the public;
  2. impose sanctions for crown entities and public servants who fail to comply with the OIA and
  3. require all public information to be made readily available on publicly accessible websites as soon as reasonably possible;
  4. to require disclosure of Crown legal advice where that advice is used by a decision maker to influence any decision on public rights or any allocation of a public resource.

New Policy Areas

We are working on a number of new policy areas such as healthy living, plastics,, bringing back the Forest Service, healthy living and more education on food and gardening… keep an eye out for changes in the near future.