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Born in rural Auckland, I have claimed Panmure-Otahuhu as my home over the last 25 years. I was in IT for 14 years as a Systems Admin for large corporations, sales for two years for a small family business. Since then I’ve been a sole trader for 17 years as Absolutely Essential, and now, I am Zen Bathrooms in the construction sector.

I believe in acting local and thinking local, it starts in our homes, with our neighbors and friends and radiates out into our community. With changes dating back to Rogernomics, and with the Auckland super-city, we have lost control of our space, our whenua; with the rapid fire lockstep alignment with global policies.

It is my purpose to think local (New Zealand) and act local (here in Auckland) to regain control of this lost waka. We must take control of our destiny to all be guardians of this land, to all have the right to say what happens to our bodies, to all find our purpose by focusing on what is good for our local communities here in Panmure and Otahuhu.

Key interests I have:
Natural Health: having battled Fibromyalgia/Chronic Pain Syndrome for 24 years and won with acupuncture and diet and life style modification.
Anti fluoride: we should not medicate the water, ozonate it instead. I’ve been a clean water drinker 20 years.
Transport: my late Father was a Ford trained mechanic, I love cars and believe in the autonomy of self-driven transport. We need a better licensing schemes for safer roads.
Raw milk: for the first 16 years of life I drank raw milk mostly from our Fresian cow “Lass”. While cleanliness is very important, the criteria for raw milk producers is a standard 10 times higher than commercial milk producers, at least on organic farms this should be reviewed, and a regular check on herd health be considered in determinations.
Urban schools trips to outdoors: This needs to be implemented for ALL schools. In some schools kids are not even playing on real grass. There desperately needs to be a program for class outdoors trips and camps – getting back to nature and getting our urban kids a chance to be in the great outdoors that New Zealand has to offer.
Supporting our elderly: they’ve paid their taxes and should be able to enjoy a quality standard of living in their own home. While adequate care is mostly available to urban people, the rural sector is really struggling with funding and care. If it’s better for individuals to stay in their own homes, on their own land then they should be supported to do so.

Government funded education: around positive change. I believe that to counter the negative programming of movies, computer games, music sub-cultures and television programming, that we need to have tighter controls on what is available on public broadcasting during normal hours AND an adverting campaign fostering the idea of doing the right things is cool. For example:
– food choices and why to eat healthy ideas
– why littering is so bad and why cool people don’t drop litter
– taking off earpieces and headphones is cool at vehicle crossings
– driving safely means your mates admire you
– buy NZ made and local(ism)
– elderly are cool, they just need a hand and an ear
– standing in public transport for young, mothers with children, elderly and disabled builds muscle tone
– being outside lifts the spirits and is healthy (and so on)

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Tracy Livingston

Tracy Livingston

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