OSPRI Cavalier In Use Of Toxins

OSPRI 1080

The NZ Outdoors Party is calling for an immediate moratorium on OSPRI’s aerial toxin operations.

Today OSPRI admitted to poisoning 90% of the deer on a 62,000 hectare block of Molesworth station in a botched aerial 1080 operation.

The Outdoors Party have evidence that this same operation resulted in the deaths of thousands of lady bugs which fed on the poisoned deer carcasses, shedding new light on the previously unresearched impact of 1080 on insects.

The Outdoors Party recently released the results of an extensive analysis of all previous OSPRI aerial 1080 operations.  It showed that of the 2.75 million hectares of land aerially poisoned with 1080 by OSPRI only 7% had any monitoring of possum numbers before and after the drops.

Co-Leader, David Haynes commented “The Molesworth tragedy and our research clearly shows OSPRI are far too casual and cavalier to be allowed to disperse one of the world’s most deadly toxins across our public lands.  They must be stopped before they do any more damage.”

The analysis of OSPRI aerial 1080 operations can be found at https://www.outdoorsparty.co.nz/ospri-1080-the-facts/


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David Haynes

David Haynes

Co-Leader of the NZ Outdoors Party, David has an intense love for tramping and hunting. He is a member of both Federated Mountain Clubs and Nelson Deerstalkers Association.

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