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Newsletter - September 2019
Authorised by David Haynes, Secretary, NZ Outdoors Party. 158 Kanuka Rise, Wakapuaka, Nelson

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September 2019 Newsletter

We have a new website - check it out at many thanks to David Haynes and Martin Waterhouse for the new look

A big Hi to all members and supporters.

I started to write this newsletter while lying on a beautiful beach on Rarotonga far from the cut and thrust of New Zealand politics. Upon returning I was moved by the wonderful Maori (Waharoa) gateway carvings framing the entrance to Auckland Airport. Those few days of thinking about strategy bought home to me the importance of the next election and our party's role in it. As a party over the last 3 years we have grown considerably and now have a good solid base of members and recognition. What we need now is people to help us do the work and spread the word.
At this time next year we will be right in the middle of the next general election so we need our team to start now in planning a strategy and executing it. If you would like to be part of that team then please contact us now...Tell people about us and even get them to join. If each of us got one more member or talked to 10 more people we would be a real force at the next election.
You will note a new vision statement in the image above. This is to reflect our growing membership's desire for a healthier environmentally friendly lifestyle celebrating our Kiwi way of life.


Alan Simmons

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Links to Recent Articles of Interest and Press Releases.

  • Ten reasons not to farm trout
  • Battle for our birds has changed
  • Firearms Legislation Amendments - Our Position
  • The Trashing Of The West Coast By Conservation
  • OSPRI Cavalier In Use Of Toxins
  • More senseless waste
  • Ban Ban Ban - The Kiwi Way Of Life Is Under Threat.
  • Mangawai Focus Article.

  • We will be at the Sika show again this year. Look for our stand. If you have not been to a Sika show then you should make an effort as its a fabulous event if you are interested in the outdoors.

  • SUBS. We need to chase down subs as required by the electoral office. So please if your sub is due click on the link above. Subs are $10.00 for three years and of course we would appreciate any donations.

  • CANDIDATES. With the next election 1 year away we need people to start thinking about standing as candidates. If you are willing to give it a go then please come forward. We need candidates in all electorates for the next election.

  • TALKS AND MEETINGS. Over the last few months Alan has talked at the TOKAANU Marae about the party, at the TE AO HOU marae in Whanganui, attended the 5G public meeting at Mangawai heads, David and Alan also attended and Alan spoke at the Flora and Fauna Aotearoa conference in Auckland. Alan has also attended a couple of anti poison protests including Whanganui and Te Papa Wellington.

  • Alan and Sue Grey attended the Inaugural Seating of the International Tribunal of Natural Justice in Ubid, Bali where both gave evidence before the tribunal, also Sue gave a keynote speech to a large international audience at the International Health Summit held at the same time. We also met with the King of Kings, King Sabu Sabu who invited us to his island and numerous dignitaries such as the Bishop of Jerusalem Riah Abu El-Assaland. Chief Sylvestre Gnakale from Cote d'lvoire West Africa. After the 5 day event we both climbed mount Batur, an active volcano.

  • If you can organise a meeting even in your lounge, day or night, then please let Alan know as we are keen to get out and speak to everyone we can.

  • FIREARMS LEGISLATION. There has been some comment about retro fitting some firearms to comply with the new regulations. I asked Dean Maisey of Maisey Gun Smithing Service about this and he advised "This is still a developing situation. At this stage we know that we can permanently limit the mag capacity on tubular mag guns to be compliant (5 rounds for shotguns, 10 rounds for manual repeating rifles), but what is not fully known yet is if some semi-auto centrefire rifles can be converted to manual repeater in some way that they can't be converted back.
    At this stage I couldn't put anything further in writing than this. Hopefully in the next few weeks the Police will release the list of approved gunsmiths who can do the work for those who require it. I think that there may be provision for people to do their own gun mods if they want, but it must be non-reversible and permanent alteration. I think that Police will only reimburse costs for gunsmithing done by those businesses on the approved list. But who knows?? The story changes or develops every week!"

    Awaiting sunrise on top of Mount Batur, Bali, Indonesia. A 2 am start!!
    Awaiting daybreak on top of mount Bataur, Indonesia"><p> 




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    Alan Simmons COMMENT
    Alan Simmons - President & Co Leader

    The issue that is consuming many involved in the hunting / outdoors is the new gun regulations. Co-leader David Haynes has been well involved with other groups to try and find a more sensible way of protecting the public. As the fire has died down I note some commentators starting to question the gun register and the cost. We have been saying all along it will cost a billion dollars and still fail as the only people who will hand in their "guns" or register are the honest everyday citizens of NZ who were responsible and law abiding and never posed a threat to anyone.
    Read our statement about this we-told-you-so

    The criminals (Benny Bennets cartoon) and gangs will continue to have weapons and terrorists will find many other ways to cause havoc. When people in NZ are dying from lack of funding in the health system or are homeless then a billion or more dollars spent on buying legitimate bought and owned property off responsible citizens and then destroying them is just plain ridiculous in my book: let alone another billion setting up a gun register. Canada tried it. Spent 3 billion dollars and gave up! DO we not learn from others mistakes? My blog on the "Buy Back" which is not a buy back as they never owned them in the first place! Alans Blog

    Our new mission is currently being printed for members to hand out. It also has been translated into Maori and that too will be printed within the next month.

    The emerging issue for the next election in my opinion is 5G. Sue Grey has touched on that in her article in this newsletter. Both Sue and I attended the seatings of the International Tribunal Of Natural Justice in Bali and gave testimony regarding the poisoning of New Zealand. This was an amazing experience. All through the hearings a common theme emerged of governments trying to silence anything that opposes the government position. It didn't matter what the issue was, governments all over the world have stopped listening to the people. Our call should be "LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE!"

    Board Member

    Our Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) claims "Our role is to protect New Zealand's environment and the people who live and work in it, for a better way of life". It has become increasingly clear that our laws, the EPA and other authorities are not fit for purpose. It is time for serious disruption of the status quo to put community and environmental wellbeing first.
    18 years ago we had a Commission of Inquiry into GMOs, so a publicly informed decision could be made about whether to adopt that technology into New Zealand. We now face an imminent threat from another new technology- 5G- which threatens our health, environment, privacy and security.
    Let's reassert people power, and demand a Commission of Inquiry before any decision is made whether to rollout 5G or allocate radiowaves for 5G.
    We live here. The wellbeing of our communities and environment are important for us and our whanau.

    Ask us first! You can read more of Sue's work at her Blog

    Video or Sues talk at Mangawai Here is a full video of Sues talk.

    Breaking News. Board member Sue Grey was inducted onto the International Tribunal Of Natural justice as a commissioner. The tribunal is considering a number of issues at the moment including Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse ITNJ Website and the June, 2019 Inaugural Seatings of Weaponization of the Biosphere. Well done and what an honour to have you on our Board.

    He kowhititanga marama hou. Kia hanga ma Aotearoa te wahi e hiahia ana matou kia noho, ehara i te wahi e moe ana matou. Te hanga i waho i te ngakau o Aotearoa

    There's a new day dawning. Let's make NZ the place we want to live, not the place we dream exists. Making the Outdoors the Heart of Aotearoa

  • A poem by Rex Gibson QSM
    A Stream with no Trout

    It is lonesome away from your kindred and all By the trout streams at night when the wild Ruru call,
    All anglers are sad when lake breakers do crash,
    Or they look o'er a pool and see not a splash,
    But there's no sadness in angling like the emotional drought When you stand by the bank of a stream with no trout.

    Our stream once flowed thru all stately and proud,
    'Twas home to a hover, a joy for the crowd,
    Now silent's the angler who oft times sang,
    When his limit was caught and the celebrations rang,
    Now his rods sit as idle as a lazy village lout.
    Oh, what a terrible place is a stream with no trout.

    Old gran knits with needles and snoozes by the door,
    My mate broods in silence, he is joking no more,
    There's a faraway look on the face of dear mum,
    And the daughter looks down at the varnish on her thumbs,
    The mate's wife's gone cranky and wants to check out,
    Oh, what a terrible place is a stream with no trout.

    Oh, you pisces of spotted brown hue, your charm it doth shine,
    'Neath thy spell anglers grow happy and cease to repine,
    Though the stalking and catching arts oft take years to refine,
    Their outdoor well-beings are too circuitous to define,
    The victorious timid grow brave and the once weak become strong,
    The dour and the grumpy will burst forth in song,
    For if there was ought to resemble high heaven here about,
    'Twas that place of joy where did thrive wild trout.

    They can switch on their pivots and watch their cows pee,
    And state the stream deaths are "not their worry",
    And though our rivers are now beds of toxic algae,
    The dairy investors are ecstatic with glee,
    'Mid the crises of water there's but one thing I tout,
    'Tis the man-made disaster of a stream with no trout.

    Sadly trout've gone, along with their habitat unique,
    To provide great profits for an affluent clique,
    Who stole our wild places where once we made merry,
    To create their own gold mine that they now call dairy.
    Gold mines leave debris our mokopuna must clear,
    And water thieves take the streams from the Commons I fear,
    With them went our fish plus the salmon so stout,
    What a terrible place is a stream with no trout.

    Some say that trout were "the canary o' the mine",
    Their visible presence, you see, was easy to define,
    Their demise was shared with the Dragon and Mayflies,
    While no larvae of Caddis, or Stonefly, fill the stream lies.
    The bullies and eels have nowhere to go,
    Their streams now lack that life-giving flow,
    The waders, the fantails, and the terns, no longer flit about,
    What a terrible place is a stream with no trout.

    The crusty old angler, first time in his life,
    Has gone home quite "fishless" to his darling wife,
    He creeps into the kitchen; she says "you're early old scout"
    Then he breaks down and tells her the stream's got no trout.

    It is lonesome away from your kindred and all,
    By the trout streams at night where the wild Ruru call,
    But there's no sadness on earth like the emotional drought,
    When you stand by the bank of a stream with no trout.

    Rex N. Gibson (2019)
    With apologies to Dan Sheahan (1944)

    Every household in NZ should grow their own vegetables. Spray free, nutritious and cost nothing.

    Your Board
    Alan Simmons, Turangi. President & Co-Leader
    David Haynes, Nelson. Co-Leader and Secretary
    Scott Taylor, Auckland. Board Member for Hunting
    Sue Grey LLB (Hons), BSc, RSHDipPHI, Nelson. Interim Board Member
    Wilf Bearman-Reidel, Hutt South, Board Member
    Jenn Haakma, Taupo. Interim Board Member - Membership
    Bradley Marsh, Auckland. Board Member
    Pete Kitchener, Board Member - Coromandel
    That's it for this newsletter!
    If you have anything you would like to contribute please contact me, Alan Simmons at
    David Haynes
    Once again I thank you for your continued support. Please put your hand up if you can help and also we need you to keep working on other outdoors people to join. Send this newsletter to your friends, clubs and others who are like minded. Lets get New Zealand talking about the Outdoors Party.

    Until next time.

    Alan Simmons

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