NZ OUTDOORS PARTY PRESS RELEASE: 25/01/2020 5G NEWS: REQUEST FOR REGULATIONS REVIEW OF “NESTF” REGULATIONS WHICH EXEMPT CELLTOWERS AND OTHER RFEMR EMISSIONS FROM RMA The Outdoors Party has formally requested a review of regulations (attached) that allow new celltowers to be installed around New Zealand without any consultation with affected

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Alan Simmons

Sue Grey – Newshub article


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Firearms Policy

Outdoors Party Arms Policy The Outdoors Party supports the right for private ownership of sporting (non-military type) firearms by approved “fit and proper” persons. Non-sporting firearms (including vintage and collectors’ firearms) should be allowed with a special licence and extra precautions. The right to bear arms is an important constitutional

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Marine Fisheries Policy

Lets Put the FISH back into FISHing…. New Zealand is surrounded by ocean, yet in many areas it is getting hard to catch a fish. Damage to habitat and depletion of our inshore fisheries affects the marine environment and the people who rely on the sea for fishing, for sustenance,

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December 2019 Xmas Newsletter

The New Zealand Outdoors Party Newsletter = December 2019 That’s it for this newsletter! If you have anything you would like to contribute please contact us, Alan Simmons at alan@outdoorsparty.co.nz OR Sue Grey suegreylawyer@gmail.com Once again we thank you for your continued support. Please put your hand up if you

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5G Schedule Of Talks Around NZ November & December.

Sue Grey in conjunction with The Outdoors Party, and local organisers have put together a roadshow of talks to inform people about the rollout of 5G. A world renowned expert professor Darius Leszczynski will talk at some of the talks listed below. Mangawhai – 15th Sept 2019. Mangawhai. Sue Grey

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