Luke King – Candidate for Tasman – West Coast


Luke King

Shenandoah Highway


Ph: 02040771618

Tell me what you want from your MP. A strong dedicated person with a team who will be there for you. Our beautiful New Zealand land deserves better. No more destruction of our native food basket.

We demand strong representation to obtain funding to protect our lands, ourselves and our environment from toxic attacks. To create and retain job opportunities. To reduce crime. To improve our roading and transportation options. Provide more public health facilities and options. To provide a powerful voice in support of the people. You will get from me a strong and dedicated person with a team who will be there and available for the three years. I will stand up for democracy, what is right and represent what is important for you in government. You have a voice! I am your voice!

My goal is to represent you, the people of our electorate, in Government and make a positive difference in our lives. I am Luke King and with the ODP team, who are 100% dedicated to this country, OUR COUNTRY, YOUR COUNTRY! We will make a difference for our people, our wildlife and our environment. If you have a problem and you just can’t get anywhere with it, I will use all my abilities as MP to investigate, access the government library and apply pressure where I can. As your elected government representative there are some top priority values I will uphold. Transparency, raw honesty, community value, reliability and, above all, your democracy.

By electing me as your representative, our party seats in government will provide weight to ban 1080 and end the West Coast council ownership of the poison factory that supplies the toxins to slaughter millions of creatures in our Kiwi Back Yard. I will voice our opposition to the selling and auctioning off of our New Zealand rivers, water and mountains to international corporations.

We will hold on to our own jobs and our own way of life that we love so much and make sure it remains safe and not at risk to being sold through bureaucracy. We deserve better, it’s time to walk the talk! Community is very important to me, it is what binds us together as our New Zealand family. Being there for each other – our neighbours, families, and friends, I believe is the only way we can build stronger, safer communities and stronger happier families. Our future is our children and we are obliged to provide the best for them.

My personal policy is in line with the Outdoors Party: Removing the use of 1080 from our land to ensure our freshwater and ocean bounties are always toxin-free! Our lives and health cannot be left to chance and to greed. Change the extreme view on pest species to a viable, organic and natural meat resource. Develop new industry standards for wild game meat, build facilities for testing and processing across the district and country that the public can directly utilize for other income options. Set up bounties on game species to keep the numbers in check. Make available added public fossicking areas for the people to enjoy more of our beautiful country and earn some money doing it

I will advocate for more finance for better health services primarily for backing the need for mental health awareness and help. Opening Pike! Bringing home our loved-ones and demand to have someone like me who will not accept excuses and will provide absolute transparency to you. I’m done hoping my friends will one day come home to their families.

I was born and raised on a dairy farm in Nelson then spent a number of years living overseas in Australia, Dubai, and Sri Lanka. I have made mistakes, faced down mental health, lived a very full and interesting life and in the process, always stood up for myself and others. My family heritage is important to me, it spans from the early 1800’s – the West Coast, Collingwood, Nelson, and the Marlborough Sounds. I am a cattle farmer and landowner with over 100 hectares of beautiful Shenandoah Valley country in Maruia.

A vote for Luke king will be a vote for strong conviction and dedication. Thank You.

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Tracy Livingston

Tracy Livingston

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