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You all aware of this?  Freedom Alliance New Zealand

I only just got heads-up of its existence through Katherine of "The Real News".

One "BTK" is listed on there!  Just above a listing of Sue as "Sue Grey's Nga Kaitiaki Tuku Iho (Our land, our water, our bodies)" !

Under "About" their "story" is ...

Our Story
Freedom Alliance New Zealand has been formed from freedom groups based in the Wellington region. We are our own independent groups with autonomy and control but we are supportive of all groups that are standing for freedom. We aim to support and work with all of the New Zealand freedom groups. Together we are stronger.

We meet once a fortnight in Masterton and once a fortnight in Lower Hutt. If you would like to join our meetings, please email for details.

We are a group of peaceful, honest, concerned citizens who promote the values, beliefs and actions of Truth, Freedom and Health for each individual and for all in our communities.

Truth in what we say and offer others, demanding truth from our government and public departments, both local and national, to provide unbiased factual information to allow informed decisions by all citizens.

Freedom to choose for ourselves on matters that affect us, freedom to speak the truth and freedom to act, respecting each other and our differences.

Health for all aspects of our lives – healthy waters and rivers, healthy food, healthy soils and land, healthy air to both breathe and live in.

I prefer people to name themselves.
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