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General Discussion / Re: This is great!
« Last post by CGiorza on September 17, 2021, 03:04:30 PM »
Brilliant suggestions Kerry! I'll start making a few calls to the North Island people who stood as candidates and suggest they get onto the Forum and start getting involved.
Hey Kerry, best thing is to call Alan on Messenger and ask him for pamphlets! Pity he couldn't have brought them down when he went to Christchurch before the lockdown!
General Discussion / Re: So many heart-breaking NZ Post Jab deaths
« Last post by CGiorza on September 17, 2021, 02:55:36 PM »
 :'( So, so sad! great stats Kerry - do we have updated figures though? Not sure when your stats were calculated? Would be great to get those out in the public eye through social media posting
General Discussion / Re: Health and Safety has gone even madder....
« Last post by Bondi on September 15, 2021, 11:01:10 AM »
Hi there
I just want to thank Sue and the team for all they are doing to challenger this crazy government on their covid lies, the public are stating to wake up to the dangers of the jab but very slowly.
I thought Sue may be interested in this link re Spain challenging the existence of the covid 19 strain, it appears its never been isolated.:-)

Tim Bartle :)
You all aware of this?  Freedom Alliance New Zealand

I only just got heads-up of its existence through Katherine of "The Real News".

One "BTK" is listed on there!  Just above a listing of Sue as "Sue Grey's Nga Kaitiaki Tuku Iho (Our land, our water, our bodies)" !

Under "About" their "story" is ...

Our Story
Freedom Alliance New Zealand has been formed from freedom groups based in the Wellington region. We are our own independent groups with autonomy and control but we are supportive of all groups that are standing for freedom. We aim to support and work with all of the New Zealand freedom groups. Together we are stronger.

We meet once a fortnight in Masterton and once a fortnight in Lower Hutt. If you would like to join our meetings, please email for details.

We are a group of peaceful, honest, concerned citizens who promote the values, beliefs and actions of Truth, Freedom and Health for each individual and for all in our communities.

Truth in what we say and offer others, demanding truth from our government and public departments, both local and national, to provide unbiased factual information to allow informed decisions by all citizens.

Freedom to choose for ourselves on matters that affect us, freedom to speak the truth and freedom to act, respecting each other and our differences.

Health for all aspects of our lives – healthy waters and rivers, healthy food, healthy soils and land, healthy air to both breathe and live in.

I prefer people to name themselves.
2,000 copies stored away in my warehouse to cover small sector of Dunedin, this time, first time, as a trial run.
Now to see if I can generate any help to get into letterboxes or sobeit go it alone! ;-)
Be good if I had OP pamphlets to insert, but frankly after asking 20 times before last election and not getting one I gave up and am afraid to ever ask as wasted a lot of time chasing them up to have something never happen.
Yes, this is a dig but a necessary one.
We got to speakup and function honestly or things will not improve to where we need be to be a viable political party.

General Discussion / Re: So many heart-breaking NZ Post Jab deaths
« Last post by KerryJamesG on August 11, 2021, 05:23:34 PM »

I've had a go at working the stats "they" have given us.  (Have it kind of hidden away on FB in the Aotearoan to try and avoid FB's algorithm that has been smashing me for over a week now!):

(Good to save here too to avoid the thought-control bot!) .... "Furthermore to NZ CARM stats (above): To that date 1.5 million doses delivered. Some of these will be people single dosed, some double dosed. For ease of calc's the maximum number who have gone through the full vax protection programme of 2 doses is 750,000 NZers. THEREFORE 750K over 5 million (100%) = 15% ! This at 17th July is the MAXIMUM percent of people gone through the full vax programme in NZ as at that date. BUT, there is more to this: The PERCENT of adverse reactions to vax to that date was ... 7,000/750,000 = 0.9333%. NEARLY ONE IN EVERY HUNDRED PEOPLE HAS AN ADVERSE REACTION! (Now this is only on those reacting that get recorded, that they admit to! I bet it is manifold higher than this.) SECONDLY most shockingly is the life threatening, long-term life shortening injuries and DEATH from this vax: 313/750K = 0.042%. 4 in 10,000 suffer very badly from this vax. This is also 1 in every 2,500 people suffer badly. Are these acceptable odds to risk serious harm for a health treatment? What do you think?" FACEBOOK before you blank or threaten me I will have you know that these are NZ GOVERNMENT and Ministry of Health stats!
General Discussion / Re: Health and Safety has gone even madder....
« Last post by KerryJamesG on August 11, 2021, 05:14:23 PM »
Somehow we got to get them to admit that everyone DOES NOT need the vax (even if the vax worked).

This is the fact of every medicine conceivable.
A medicine is good for some people not for others.
When did the profession (the medical orgs), and too the politicians, flip this so that an individual doctor no longer has discernment with their patient.

This is simply not right that medicine has gone this way, not in their ethics. How is it got away with? Is it the pace of it all, well planned and slammed upon all doctors, upon us all, so fast that we've all been on the back-foot for 18 months not able to get the message heard of the injustice of it all?
General Discussion / Health and Safety has gone even madder....
« Last post by SueGrey on August 10, 2021, 01:41:08 PM »
How can it possibly promote health, safety and welfare to require someone to choose between their job or an experimental #clotshot to inject the #SpikePoison that is resulting in healthy people dropping like flies and which doesn't stop infection, transmission or death?

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