NZODP will support initiatives to increase use of organic, free range, GE-Free foods in New Zealand restaurants.

Good food grows healthy children so NZODP will create a Healthy Food Policy.

Food should not only be uncontaminated with harmful bacteria and pesticide residues but have high nutritional value, low sugar content, only safe preservatives, and no transfats and toxic /damaged fats – in other words safe to eat in every sense of the word

Even “Junk or Fun Food” should be free of chemical additives, addictive substances, pesticides and herbicides, excess sugar and be healthy for our children to eat.

The NZ Outdoors Party Health Food Policy supports a continued ban on the import and use of any products containing genetically modified components/ingredients.

Other measures to ensure health for New Zealanders will include –

1) Stop the importation of packaged and processed foods which do not adhere to strict “real-food” standards. 

2) Ensure food produced in NZ adheres to the “real-food” standard.

3) Promote food education beginning at primary school to ensure that children know which foods are healthy.  These programs should be based on the latest evidence that is free from commercial influence. 

4) Conduct research into the use of ingredients in food that may cause chronic illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease. If the results can show unambiguous evidence of harm, removing those ingredients will become part of the NZ Health Food Policy.

5) Healthy food should be our cheapest option. Foods proven to be not beneficial to good health will be taxed accordingly pushing them into occasional “treat” status. 

6) Secondary school kitchens will be made available for community cooking classes, going back to basics of cooking nutritious, delicious food. The “Super Grans” initiative is a good example of community members finding ways to support community health and wellbeing. Such community-based organisations will be supported to grow and increase their community reach and influence.