The NZ Outdoors Party will create a new program for mothers and families who require it, to be eligible for support person – a “super-mum” who can support new parents transition smoothly into a successful, happy, well-rounded family unit.  

Super-mums will be experienced in child rearing from practical, hands-on experience of being a mother, managing a household and have had extra training to learn how to support new parents who are, for whatever reason, unsupported at this crucial time in their lives. This gives older mothers a chance to share their knowledge and wisdom, gain respect from their community, up-skill and earn money, and it gives new mums a chance to gradually build up confidence in their ability as a mother. Families will learn positive strategies for working with infants and babies, self-love and self-care (you can’t give to others what you can’t give to yourself), good nutrition and healthy shopping, housekeeping, budgeting, emotional support etc. (The NZ Outdoors Party will develop a curriculum for this purpose)

There would obviously be a need for ‘supervision’ and psychological support, both for the people receiving the “super-mum” support and those providing it.