The New Zealand Outdoors Party is aware that FAS is considered to be a leading preventable cause of intellectual and developmental problems.

Researchers estimate may FASD occur in 1 in 100 children in New Zealand. FASD is a lifelong condition that lasting impacts on a child, their family and society. The fact that FASD is preventable means that through good policy and initiatives we can reduce the number of children being born with this disorder and also we can support those children better who already are affected by it.

We want to see better education for doctors and medical staff to assist them to identify at an early age children with FASD or harm from maternal drug abuse.

We will develop a media campaign to educate New Zealanders on the impact of alcohol and/or drugs on the unborn child.

We want to ensure that schools can work with outside agencies to help appropriate diagnosis and support for children with FASD/maternal drug use for the benefit of the child.