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Auckland roading tax on fuel exemption for launches

We will work to have the Auckland Roading tax on fuel exempted for launches and machinery. It is quite wrong that lunches and stationary engines as well as others have to pay this tax when they are never on the roads. We believe that on wharf fuel bowsers should be

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Alan Simmons

Cannabis Law Reform

We totally support medical CBD products and believe the industry should consist of small New Zealand companies and we would resist the expansion or capture of this product by big Phama or the imposition of excessive licensing fees. We support the medicinal use of cannabis plant, CBD and other cannabis

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Policy on 5G

The NZ Outdoors Party is concerned that there have been no scientific, medical or environmental assessments on the impacts of 5G, either here in New Zealand, or worldwide, on human health and the wider biosphere.  We are urging the Government to undertake such investigations before any further 5G spectrum allocation.

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