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Complaint About State Bullying

By Sue Grey. Co leader. Dear Minister and Commissioner of Public Service 15 Dec 2021 I write to express extreme concern about “disinformation” including misleading and deceptive information and confusing “doublespeak”  in your Covid-19 Workforce Vaccination Guidelines and to require official information.These guidelines appear to have been re-issued in several forms between March

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Tracy Livingston’s Xmas Message -Opinion.

Tracy Livingston. An opinion. It’s 11 days to Christmas and I imagine it is one of the weirdest Christmas holidays you have ever experienced. It feels like being in a never ending nightmare, with one horror rolling out over another. Just when you think it can’t it worse, it does.

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Alan Simmons

This Country is in a Pickle. #2

This Country is in a Pickle. Number 2. Alan Simmons. NZ Outdoors & Freedom Party. 7th December. 2021. Its all starting to unravel now.  If you are “vaccinated” you have a good chance of dying if you catch covid and or you will become a super spreader. Oh gosh I’m

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Biggest Mass Layoff Of Workers since the Great Depression

Biggest Mass Layoff Of Workers since the Great DepressionThe NZ Outdoors & Freedom Party is stunned at the numbers of employees the Crown is threatening to lay off. At a time when we face imminent health  threats it is inexplicable that doctors, nurses and other healthcare, corrections staff and teachers

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Outdoors Party FREE NZ COVID-19 Plan

After an extensive review of the scientific evidence and reviewing the work of New Zealand experts at Covid Plan B and NZDSOS, the Outdoors Party does not support the current misguided, divisive and highly harmful policies implemented by the NZ Government/Crown Corporation. We support the Protocol for re-opening our society based

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Open Letter from Outdoors & Freedom Party to Prime Minister

Dear Prime Minister, Attorney General, Solicitor General and Minister of Covid 19 Response and DG HealthI write to formally put you on notice of unlawful conduct by the Ministry of Health, various DHBs, the NZ Medical  Council, the Nursing Council and others which is causing serious harm to a large

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