Our Campaign Posters and Advertising Images

2020 Election

Generic Road Sign. All candidates had signs with their own image on.

These images below are from our 2017 campaign along with a little history behind each. Click on the Thumbnail to see the larger image.

Roadside Signs


Our Roadside signs are all based on the theme of New Zealand’s Great Outdoors.

This stunning image by Boney Whitefoot Photography illustrates our wonderful mountains and bush. The very things we wish to preserve. Click for a larger view.

Click for a larger view.

A2 Posters

These Posters are for display wherever we can get them. If you have a suitable place for one then please let us know. These do not have the vote for us wording on them and are designed to encourage people to join our movement.


Emma Caigou sidles through the upper Ellis basin en-route to climb The Twins in Kahurangi National Park
Photographer: Greig Caigou


Simon and Murray enjoying the wilderness while searching Wapiti country on the Juno tops, high above Charles Sound, Fiordland
Photographer: Greig Caigou


Near White Island Bay of Plenty.
Photographer: Alan Simmons

Fresh Water

Greig Caigou enjoying mountain champagne en-route to Frew Saddle, Westland.
Photographer: Emma Caigou


Keith casting into a mountain river pool chasing a feeding trout.
Photographer: Alan Simmons


We have had a huge response to our videos shown on Facebook. They are being released one by one. Links to our whole series of videos are…


Freshwater Fishing

Saltwater Fishing


Rivers and Streams

All our Candidates were smartly dressed in Hunters Element Jackets generously donated by Hunters Element.
Hunters Element

Please support them where possible as they were very quick to offer their support to the outdoors party and Outdoors Issues.

Guns and Hunting magazine were also generous with donated space and we thank them.
Guns and Hunting Magazine

New Zealand Fishing News were huge supporters with copy and advertising.
Fishing News

Fishing.net again huge supporters.

Also The Fishnhunt Forum.
Fish n Hunt Forum

NZ Fisher also were huge supporters.
NZ Fisher

Outdoors Party Song by Seb Warren. “Our Country Our Voice Our Vote”

Our Country Our voice Song with images

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