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NZ Outdoors & Freedom Party Xmas Catch Up

A very warm seasons greetings to everyone, even in these trying times we need to find something to celebrate, especially with what has been happening to our country and people.

We have had so many issues to comment on as they have been coming thick and fast and continue with several new bills being promoted to Parliament early next year and of course the never ending updates of Covid legislation.  Next year we have the Freedom Camping Bill to come and we will have a lot to say about that. The same with substantial Conservation Act changes being proposed and also submissions on political party donation changes.

As a result of our logo competition we eventually arrived at a logo everyone agreed on. More on that next.

Have a very happy Xmas and try and enjoy a holiday with family and friends.

Alan & Sue - Co Leaders and all Board members.


You will recall in the last newsletter we asked you to vote on the top ten designs selected initially by a group of 30. Thousands and thousands of votes came in and many thanks go out to those who took the time to vote. The clear winner was selected, modified slightly to reflect feedback and the logo was then sent off to the electoral office.  I wish to thank all the wonderful designers who contributed their ideas, there were some amazing designs and in the end it came down to the decision made by all the members. The logo we arrived at is definitely a result of people power and I am amazed at the talent out there. The logo selected was designed by Scott Wilson of Rocket Design and Advertising. Many thanks Scott.

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Freedom Camping Bill.  Next year we have  Freedom Camping legislation changes being proposed by government, We believe they discriminate and discourage people even more to get out into the outdoors and enjoy our country.  NZ was swamped with freedom campers as a result of the government's tourism promotional policies allowing thousands and thousands of ill equipped ex Japanese "people movers"  to cruise the country for almost nothing. Not only that, they gave  a tourism award to the company that rented the "vans". Now that the tourists have all gone and kiwis are suddenly enjoying those places they couldn't before because of the overcrowding the government and local Councils want to shut us all out. Issuing fines and generally making it very difficult for Kiwis to enjoy their country (as did the hordes of what were labeled "sliding door" tourists did).  The vans rented in Auckland with a $50.00 fee on unwrapping the plastic seal on the  toilet resulted in most of them being returned for a refund of the $50.00. The arguments are still around toilets which really doesn't equate to the current freedom campers or their vehicles. The changes are five years too late and the problem has gone away. Many camper vans will become illegal as a result of the legislation and even on social media many are blaming the Camping and Caravan Association for advancing and championing the changes. They should be encouraging kiwis to get a van and hit the road. A big shout out to Whanganui who have set up good areas to park up and have no restrictions while a big thumbs down to Tasman who have become one nasty place to think about freedom camping and they intend to make it worse. In the meantime away from the silly season most of the freedom camping places are almost empty.

Freedom Union. The freedom Union is now up and running full steam ahead. Mike Devine has been appointed to run it and he has some great ideas about the various projects that the union will get involved in. The Union is currently being registered and a newsletter will be sent out shortly to the large number of people who have already signed up. If you have lost your job due to covid mandates then you need to get yourself on the register.  Overseas they are already re employing people who were dismissed as essential services can not operate due to staff shortages. I know Mikes argument is to negotiate a new agreement at new wages and conditions. Already the union has a lot of nurses, teachers, midwives, police and fireman registered. The union may also seek damages via a class action, so register and get involved. has had a major upgrade of software to allow the site to expand into the future as facebook continue to ban people for all sorts of nonconsequential reasons. The upgrade has allowed a number of new features which we are rolling out as time allows. Please encourage your friends to join as when facebook and the other overseas sites go down we need a NZ based site to rely on.

Some of the latest press releases, submissions or news items that might be of interest.

14/12/2021 - Tracy Livingston
A: We have an ongoing medical and health catastrophe in New Zealand: The Pae Ora – Healthy Futures – Bill is woefully inadequate to alter the crisis in health that…
24/11/2021 - Alan Simmons
NZ Outdoors & Freedom Party lay a formal complaint to Parliaments Speaker about the abuse of constitutional process and Bill of rights.
Press Release 24/11/2021 NZ Outdoors & Freedom Party lay a formal complaint to Parliaments Speaker about the abuse of constitutional process and Bill of rights. We sent a strongly worded…
10/11/2021 - Alan Simmons
It is a disgrace they locked the people out of the peoples parliament.
Press release. 10/09/2021It is a disgrace they locked the people out of the peoples parliament. “It is a disgrace that the gates to our Parliament were locked yesterday to try to…
08/11/2021 - Alan Simmons
Biggest Mass Layoff Of Workers since the Great Depression
Biggest Mass Layoff Of Workers since the Great DepressionThe NZ Outdoors & Freedom Party is stunned at the numbers of employees the Crown is threatening to lay off. At a…
Complaint About State Bullying
By Sue Grey. Co leader. Dear Minister and Commissioner of Public Service 15 Dec 2021 I write to express extreme concern about “disinformation” including misleading and deceptive information and confusing…
Tracy Livingston's Xmas Message -Opinion.
Tracy Livingston. An opinion. It’s 11 days to Christmas and I imagine it is one of the weirdest Christmas holidays you have ever experienced. It feels like being in a…
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