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NZ Outdoors & Free For Future Generations

A big hello and welcome to everyone.

There is so much news I'm not sure where to start. We have had many (tens of thousands) of new members join with us in the last few months and I want to welcome everyone and thank you all for your support. It is an honor that you have faith in us to represent you.

We are feeling frustrated and enraged with lockdown after lockdown destroying the fabric of NZ society and the country we all love, vaccine 'mandates', no jab no job legislation, legislation making men, women and children criminals just going about their business, destruction of small and medium business, the ongoing 1080 poisoning of the ngahere despite 'lockups', the more and more obvious manner that we are being lied to, manipulated and deceived, the injuries and deaths following GM injections and more.  And all the parties in parliament just going along, and worse, pushing harder for more of what we don't want.  National sticking its oar in against the Three Waters govt to gain support, but you and I know that if they were in 'power' they would be doing the same thing. It is obvious by the thousands joining and supporting us that you feel the same.

We are at a point where we need people to help in several areas such as membership, legal skills to help Sue Grey, our medically safe space music festivals etc.  In the past we have had many fabulous offers of help but we lose track of them because there is just so much going on. Our secretary Jenn Haakma is now going to coordinate this area so please contact

We also need a new logo and branding to reflect our emerging emphasis on freedom.  Of the thousands who have joined the party, many list the outdoors, fishing, tramping as well as health, well-being and freedom as vital issues. The Outdoors Party executive board has discussed our changing demographics and changing times and have decided to include FREEDOM as one of our standing functions alongside the outdoors.

Alan Simmons.

Logo Competition.  We have so many skilled people within our membership, we hoped to draw on that talent and ask if the  designers/artists/creatives within the Party would submit ideas for a new logo for our Party.  We will set up a website to display entries and invite our members to choose the ones that capture our spirit and capture the eye - the ones that stand out on a roadside or on a card or brochure.  Send your entries to before the end of October. The most popular design will win a fabulous prize - yet to be decided and may depend on where you live - and, of course, you'll get to see your work of art all over the countryside.


Communication. We now have the forum up and running so now members can set themselves up on the forum (you need to register with a new login) and begin to talk to each other via this medium (away from facebook). There are also regional forums and those can be narrowed down even further such as "North Shore" under Auckland if required.  The idea is to get everyone in an area working together and being available to help each other at a moments notice if things get difficult. Having a local support group will be very valuable in the future. For example, we have formed a group in Turangi and are going to meet regularly.  It was just wonderful to find so many like minded people in our town who had plodded along thinking they were alone.  Please go to and sign up, add yourself to a regional group and contribute.  If you want me to break a region down into a more local area please let me know.

Fish and Game Review Article. The NZ Fishing News has written a good article on the Fish and Game review which has been shelved by the minister.. but then do we really believe them. Fishing News are founding members of the Outdoors Party and great supporters. The article is here

Article and Latest Submission

Our Country Is In A Pickle
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Aly Cook Song ImageMember and a wonderful supporter of the Outdoors & Freedom Party, Aly Cook, has a new recording out and it's a great protest song for this time.  Aly is multi award-winning recording artist, who has taken her music to the world, delighting audiences wherever she roams and carving a career as a respected live performer.  Have a listen to her new song.  We think it's brilliant.  Hello hello.

Court Case.

Co Leader Sue Grey (in her role as a lawyer) is in the high Court, Wellington, 21/22 October representing a group challenging the no jab no job laws. Some of the information she has to present to the court is "jaw dropping"  but cannot be made public until the court case.  It is an open court and we invite you to attend, it should be quite the show.

Meetings and Travels. Over the last month or so Sue Grey and myself attended a number of meetings engaging with members and supporters. We had a series of meetings in Christchurch and then attended a pot luck dinner at Lyttelton. It was a fabulous evening with a lot of members, supporters and Voices For Freedom members. There was such a good vibe and synergy flowing through the evening.  Thanks to everyone especially to Mary Jane the VFF regional organiser and Dan Suter ODP member for making our time in Christchurch very rewarding.

We also were in New Plymouth for a week working and on the Saturday while Sue undertook a big walk on Mount Taranaki, I ended up in a cafe at Egmont village where I was pounced on a passionate Outdoors Party supporter. I highly recommend that cafe called Simply was 'simply divine'. It is on the right if you are heading north from Inglewood.  They pulled together a meeting for the following afternoon at a rural property.  It was a wonderful afternoon and we were astounded at the number of people who attended at short notice. It showed us how big our support is in the regions. Taranaki Garden Party Video

Many thanks to PT Web for organising and Carl Mehring for sharing his lovely place for the meeting and his amazing hospitality.

Sue attended another meeting at Kaiteriteri beach last weekend.

There was a big protest turnout at Nelson at which Sue Grey was asked to speak at. Here is a short clip of it and the crowd.  Sue Talking to Nelson Crowd.

There is also an evening talk with Sue on Thursday 14th at Bridge Lodge, Turangi, 6.30 for those who can attend. Unfortunately our newsletter takes nearly 70 hours to send out so I'm sorry if this is arrives too late for some. Hopefully if you are in the area you will hear about the meeting via the grapevine.

Luke King. Board Member.  Living the dream.

Every morning we wake up around 6am to a symphony of birds so loud it sounds like we're in bed under the trees. We are so lucky here that our areas of native beech bush has never been poisoned or felled for pines. 

Most days it's life as normal, coffee and toast cooked on the gas range, feeding the chooks and ducks. Feeding the calf whose mum didn't want him before he runs us down and loves us too much. Getting on the quad and checking the horses, cows and calves feeding out bailage where it's needed. 

We live fully self sustainable off grid, solar, with fresh unpolluted mountain water, fresh organic veggies and herbs grown in the gardens all year around. We utilize worm farms and composting toilet. Scraps go to the pigs, pigs supply bacon seeds. 

Our 12v freezer needs filling from time to time and knowing we have 100% free range organic wild foods to harvest is priceless. Venison, pork, mutton. All unprocessed and freely available.

We're looking forward to the coming summer months to fossick for gold around the area, swim in the river, fish for trout and gardening, harvesting our crops and produce for the coming winter months.

The best part of taking on the frontier life is leaving the race behind. But....

If there is no firewood cut, it's cold. 

If the gate's not shut a cow helps itself to the garden. 

After over 25 years in hospitality management and working for others I had had enough. Had enough of constant anxiety, rushing around, trying to be places on time just to make sure I didn't inconvenience someone else or forget my next appointment.

Now to live without wondering if my boss is in a good mood today or what might go wrong. The questions of Have I done enough? Am I good enough? was immediately lifted out of our lives and although there is always plenty to do the stress has gone and life feels in balance.

New Board Member. The board has asked Kiri McKee to join us. Kiri was our candidate for  Te Tai Hauauru. You can get to know Kiri from her election candidate page. We know she'll be a great addition to our team. Welcome Kiri.

Kiri Mckee - candidate for Te Tai Hauauru electorate

Ko Maungapohatu Te Maunga Ko Whakatane Te Awa Ko Mataatua Te Waka Ko Te Mapou Te Marae Ko Tamakaimoana Te Hapū Ko Tuhoe Te Iwi  Ko Kiri Mckee Tōku Ingoa 

I was born in Auckland, grew up in Stratford.

Happy was waking every morning to see beautiful Mount Taranaki. He was my protector, he was big, powerful, cold & calm. Growing up in Stratford was gatherings at the local swimming hole, meeting up at the youth center to play games, jumping in creeks to catch crawlys. Walking to school crying in winter because my ears were frozen :) Today i am a mother a grandmother and they need their protectors more than EVER.
Today we face a world of the unknown, where poison comes in all forms, where freedom is being taken, when lives mean nothing, where we are unsure of tomorrow. Aoateroa has been stolen. These little people that look up to us for guidance are the reason i have chosen to become apart of the NZ Outdoors Party (Te Tai Hauauru ) candidate. A party that will Make things right & make NZ good again. A party that will Listen. A party that will act. A party that cares.

Please Vote for the NZ Outdoors Party media site Please remember to join our version of facebook. Owned here and on NZ servers. When facebook goes down we need the backup for communications, but it's also a place where freedom of speech is valued and activists and 'truthers' are welcome.  Having said that, we have a very active Outdoors Party facebook page (until we get shutdown) so you can connect with us there for now.

Well that is all for now.  Please get on the forum and get regional groups set up as I believe we will need them very soon!

Once again many many thanks for your support.

Alan, Sue, Tracy, Jenn and the Outdoors Party team.

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