1080 MUST go!

There are no acceptable losses!
“Join us today”, sign up and be part of the party.
We are building a platform and community so strong, no overnight sensations can break our conviction.

Over the past two elections, the strength behind the movement to ban 1080 got eroded by people with pretty worded speeches designed to create doubt in the value of your vote.


Your vote is the most powerful thing you have every three years!

It has the power to change the nation!


Uniting now is key, please invite your friends and family to join the Party.

Clearly, we have all seen where the sad state of affairs the last elections voting got us. It seems the votes cast did nothing to help our people and environment move forward to be prosperous and thrive together.

The Party is the only party committed to immediately stop the use of 1080 and will develop government-subsidized infrastructure with new industry standards for harvest and use of wild produce our beautiful country provides.

By removing the toxins from our environment the country can begin to heal from the ground up. 1080 kills everything that relies on oxygen to live. From the micro creatures on the Forrest floor all the way to the top of the food chain. With the loss of the small creatures whose job it is to break down the organic materials into nutrients for the flora can not thrive.
The native birds like the kiwi that rely on thick dense ground cover and the bugs within are struggling to survive as well as having “acceptable” losses under the current regime.

All the information in this advertisement can be found in pare reviewed scientific literature from countries all over the world that have banned the use of 1080.

“Authority does not make truth or fact”.
“Only truth and proven fact can be authority”!



“When gastric content was re-tested using a GC-MS protocol with selective fluoroacetate ion monitoring and carbon 14 radio-labeling to facilitate quantification, 379 ppb sodium fluoroacetate was detected in a pooled gastric content sample. In spite of its banned status, sodium fluoroacetate remains a rarely reported cause of malicious poisoning in domestic dogs in the United Sates. This compound is highly toxic and is capable of causing death in dogs, humans, other mammals, and insects in ingested quantities as small as a few droplets. Even when geographic or historical proximity to a source is not evident”


“Sodiumfluoroacetate has been placed in Toxicity Category I,which indicates the highest degree of acute toxicity, for acute oral toxicity; Toxicity Category II, moderately toxic, for acute dermal toxicity; Toxicity Category III, slightly toxic, for primary eye irritant; and Toxicity Category IV, practically non-toxic, for dermal irritation. The requirements for acute inhalation toxicity and dermal sensitization studies were waived due to the severe acute toxicity of the compound”.

Outdoors Party Song by Seb Warren. “Our Country Our Voice Our Vote”

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