Derrick Paul, Adviser

Derrick Paull

Derrick is a passionate and engaged fisher from Auckland.  He has grown up on the shores of the Waitemata Harbour and now resides on the shores of the Manukau.

Derrick’s history in marine fisheries management began on the executive of his local fishing club, then the national body which then led to his nomination to the New Zealand Recreational Fishing Council where he held the vice-presidency role for two years. More recently, in collaboration with his role as editor of NZ Fisher magazine, Derrick has worked with Legasea to develop their Fisheries management policies and to engage the fishing and public on fisheries matters.

A conservationist at heart, Derrick’s goal is to see our marine fisheries managed sustainably and without constant pressure from quota holders that erodes recreational fishers’ rights to access to our fisheries.