FMC Launch of Remarkable Outdoors

David Haynes, Co-Leader of the Outdoors Party was grateful to have been invited to the Federated Mountain Club’s Remarkable Outdoors launch. The event was help on 16 June 2017 in Wellington to promote the establishment of the Remarkables range as a National Park and to set out FMC expectations of political parties in the 2017 […]

Signature Required Form

Either sign and freepost (as below) or scan and email to The NZ Outdoors Party Freepost Authority 252122 P O Box 1546 Nelson 7040 NAME ……………………………………………………….. Date of Birth………………………………….Required by Electoral Act. I have already joined the Outdoors Party via the online form and below is my signature as required under the Electoral Act […]


1 June 2017 Today the Electoral Commission announced a broadcasting allocation of $37,330 for the Outdoors Party. This provides vital funds for profile raising and to encourage all outdoor lovers to give us their party vote this forthcoming General Election. These funds are conditional upon us becoming formally registered, so all our members who have […]

The Outdoors Party is the Political Voice for hunters and fisherman.

Over the years the outdoors values of New Zealand have been very poorly represented because we have relied on other parties to advocate on outdoors issues. The result has been many of the things New Zealanders treasure being degraded or destroyed. Examples such as excessive trawling and waste by the commercial fishing industry and polluted […]

Just How Well Do We Measure Freshwater Quality?

Freshwater Monitoring Given human health is now on the line in regions such as Hawkes Bay and Canterbury, good data on the state of our freshwater is life-critical, literally. The data determine how well we’re meeting the National Policy Statement on Freshwater Management, the effects of mitigation initiatives, where $465M of tax payer money for […]

Hunting license proposed.

Hunting license proposed. It has been proposed by DoC and the associate Minister Peter Dunne in conjunction with the Game Animal Council to make hunters pay for wild animal management in NZ. Doc and the Game Animal Council are proposing that funding come from recreational hunters and the only way that can happen is by […]

Letter to the NZ Listener

Your Peak Paradise article was timely, given MBIEs conservative forecast of visitor numbers exceeding our population by 2022 but the solution proferred by McKinsey, The Green Party et al, whilst adding to Government coffers, does not address the core issue – CAPACITY.  The increasing mobility of a growing global middle-class along with cheaper air fares […]

Letter to Otago Daily Times

As one introduced species to another, can I congratulate you on publishing Lewis Hore’s article (Bias against introduced animals needs revision, 20 Jan 2017).  How sick we all are of hearing the “all native good, all introduced bad” dogma which denies that honey bees pollinate native trees, eucalyptus and elderberry trees provide food for our […]