NZ Outdoors Party stands behind the SPCA call to stop using 1080

Press release from the NZ Outdoors Party.

The NZ Outdoors Party totally supports the call by the SPCA to stop using the poison 1080. The SPCA have been very brave in standing up for the rights of the animals involved.
“Hunters who have seen the dreadful agonising death wild animals undergo after ingesting 1080 find it hard to understand the environmentalist cruel and inhumane attitude to wild animals. Deer writhe around in pain for days trying to rip their stomachs open with their hooves. ” said Alan Simmons, President and co leader. “After 60 years of use it is about time The Department of Conservation woke up to the fact that it is not working and looked to more humane methods of pest control. We stand right behind the SPCA whom I am sure will receive much criticism for pointing out the dreadful cruelty involved in the mass poisoning program currently engaged in by the NZ Government. ” Alan said.