There are still some slack dairy farmers out there who, despite all the publicity, all the pressure from their more enlightened farming peers and the knowledge that clean rivers is a BIG issue at the moment, still choose to deliberately let their cattle wander into rivers, destroy banksides and shit all over them.   This was […]

Campfire Kiwi Leading Outdoorsman Cops DOC Vendetta

Press Release. 4/10/2016 NZ Outdoors Party Campfire Kiwi Leading Outdoorsman Cops DOC Vendetta The Department of Conservation is bringing a prosecution against the leader of the newly formed  NZ Outdoors Party for sitting beside a  campfire in the mountains of the central North Island. Alan Simmons co-leader of the New Zealand Outdoor Party is of […]

Outdoors Party Tourist Conservation levy Policy Lifted by The Greens!

Outdoors Party Tourist Conservation levy Policy Lifted by The Greens! “The New Zealand Outdoors Party are flattered that the Greens have seen fit to adopt the Outdoors Party policy of a tourist tax” says Alan Simmons, co leader. “Our policy which we have been pushing for sometime now has largely been ignored by the mainstream […]

Rural News Hound Loses The Plot

We loved the Hound’s Rural News piece on our Ruataniwha press release so much that Alan could not resist responding… Dear Hound, Your sources for your column seem to be well off the scent when you commented on “Selfish Fisherman” last week and the Outdoors Party. I guess we can’t blame you if you have […]

Ruataniwha Environmental Benefits – Yeah Right!

Wednesday, 27 July 2016, 10:22 am Press Release: Outdoors Party Ruataniwha Environmental Benefits – Yeah Right! The New Zealand Outdoors Party, the newly formed political party, is challenging pro-dam organisations to substantiate claims that the proposed Hawkes Bay Ruataniwha dam is good for the environment. “Rural News and Andrew Curtis of IrrigationNZ are two sources […]


Monday, 8 August 2016, 9:53 am Press Release: Outdoors Party The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment report on Tourism Infrastructure, which identifies the effects on National Parks of too many tourists, is the tip of the iceberg according to the NZ Outdoors Party. The Outdoors Party advocates for outdoor values including environmental stewardship, recreation […]


The Government’s consultation document on marine and recreational fishing parks has drawn fire from the Outdoors Party. They say it will have negligible impact on recreational sea fishing and shows how little those politicians who support it understand fishing and the outdoors. “Sediment and pollution from aquaculture, forestry run off, changes to estuarine morphology from […]

Wasp menace Making Outdoors Hell

Wasp menace Making Outdoors Hell The high population of wasps in the outdoors is making outdoor recreation outings a horror story says a noted outdoorsman and leader of the new Outdoors Party. “Ask any hunter, fisherman or tamper what it is like in our beautiful beech forest in March/ April and they immediately will tell […]

Government Mesmerised by Trout Farming’s Mythical Bait

Press Release 3/11/15 A national trout fishing organisation says lobbying for trout farming by the aquaculture industry and corporate fishing companies, is based on a “mythical” economic value and neglected the dangers of trout farming to the country’s public trout fisheries. Spokesman for the NZ Federation of Freshwater Anglers, Ken Sims of Palmerston North said […]

New Bacteria Cause Salmon Farm Deaths in NZ – Could Destroy NZ Wild Trout Fishery

Press Release David Haynes. NZ Outdoors Party New Bacteria Cause Salmon Farm Deaths in NZ. “Those at the Bay of Plenty Regional Council who are pushing for commercial trout farming to be legalised would do well to heed the recent press release from the Ministry of Primary Industries on fish farm deaths due to […]

Time to Authorities to Honestly Front up to Water Problems

Press Release. 22/10/2015 From Alan Simmons, NZ Outdoors Party Time to Authorities to Honestly Front up to Water Problems It is well nigh time for government, regional councils, Federated Farmers NZ and some farmers to recognise New Zealand’s growing freshwater crisis both in terms of quality and quantity says the newly formed NZ Outdoors […]

Anglers oppose trout farming

By Elaine Fisher It may have been identified as a key economic opportunity in the Bay of Plenty Growth Study, but Fish & Game say they “strongly oppose” commercial trout farming and claim they were not consulted over the proposal. Regional Manager New Zealand Fish & Game (Eastern Region) Andy Garrick says the organisation […]