Recreational Fisherman don’t welcome the re-emergence of TOP

Recreational Fisherman don’t welcome the re-emergence of TOP The newly emerged TOP Party under the leadership of Geoff Simmons will cause many ripples in the sea of recreational fisherman because of his past extremist views on recreational fishing. Geoff Simmons along with Gareth Morgan have advocated that recreational fisherman should have to purchase Quota from […]

The Great Green Hope

SUBJECT: PRESS RELEASE FROM: NZ OUTDOORS PARTY DATE: 23 JULY 2018 TITLE: THE GREAT GREEN HOPE?   The Green Party, as part of the coalition Government, has flipped from environmental hope and flopped into something more reminiscent of the blue-green cabal of the National government, says Alan Simmons, co-leader of the NZ Outdoors Party. In […]


PRESS RELEASE ISSUED: 2 JULY 2018 Today the Green Party sent out an email to thousands of recipients, on behalf of co-leader Marama Davidson, declaring that “Everyone in Aotearoa should live in warm, dry, healthy homes and be able to put food on the table.” Yet Eugenie Sage, their Minister of Conservation, is leading a […]

DOC needs to put up the evidence

Press Release. NZ Outdoors party 31/10/2017 The Department of Conservation’s claim of 50 illegal Sika Deer being released in the North Taranaki is part of an ongoing attack on those who oppose the use of 1080,  said Alan Simmons co-leader of the NZ Outdoors Party. Alan who wrote the first book on Sika Deer hunting […]


PRESS RELEASE NZ OUTDOORS PARTY OSPRI 1080 PROTOCOLS CALLED INTO QUESTION The NZ Outdoors Party is calling on OSPRI to test all animal carcasses found on Waianakarua beach, Otago, following its recent aerial 1080 drop upstream. Both Waitaki District Council and 1080 Paw Patrol have released photographs on Facebook of several deer, pig and rabbit […]


PRESS RELEASE NZ OUTDOORS PARTY 6 JULY 2017 The NZ Outdoors Party welcomes the Supreme Court decision which ruled illegal the swapping of Ruahine Forest Park Conservation Land to enable the Ruataniwha Dam construction in Hawkes Bay and congratulates Forest & Bird on a successful outcome. Co-Leaders, Alan Simmons and David Haynes, both commented that […]

Just How Well Do We Measure Freshwater Quality?

Freshwater Monitoring Given human health is now on the line in regions such as Hawkes Bay and Canterbury, good data on the state of our freshwater is life-critical, literally. The data determine how well we’re meeting the National Policy Statement on Freshwater Management, the effects of mitigation initiatives, where $465M of tax payer money for […]


There are still some slack dairy farmers out there who, despite all the publicity, all the pressure from their more enlightened farming peers and the knowledge that clean rivers is a BIG issue at the moment, still choose to deliberately let their cattle wander into rivers, destroy banksides and shit all over them.   This was […]

Campfire Kiwi Leading Outdoorsman Cops DOC Vendetta

Press Release. 4/10/2016 NZ Outdoors Party Campfire Kiwi Leading Outdoorsman Cops DOC Vendetta The Department of Conservation is bringing a prosecution against the leader of the newly formed  NZ Outdoors Party for sitting beside a  campfire in the mountains of the central North Island. Alan Simmons co-leader of the New Zealand Outdoor Party is of […]