PRESS RELEASE NZ OUTDOORS PARTY OSPRI 1080 PROTOCOLS CALLED INTO QUESTION The NZ Outdoors Party is calling on OSPRI to test all animal carcasses found on Waianakarua beach, Otago, following its recent aerial 1080 drop upstream. Both Waitaki District Council and 1080 Paw Patrol have released photographs on Facebook of several deer, pig and rabbit […]

FMC Launch of Remarkable Outdoors

David Haynes, Co-Leader of the Outdoors Party was grateful to have been invited to the Federated Mountain Club’s Remarkable Outdoors launch. The event was help on 16 June 2017 in Wellington to promote the establishment of the Remarkables range as a National Park and to set out FMC expectations of political parties in the 2017 […]


1 June 2017 Today the Electoral Commission announced a broadcasting allocation of $37,330 for the Outdoors Party. This provides vital funds for profile raising and to encourage all outdoor lovers to give us their party vote this forthcoming General Election. These funds are conditional upon us becoming formally registered, so all our members who have […]

Letter to the NZ Listener

Your Peak Paradise article was timely, given MBIEs conservative forecast of visitor numbers exceeding our population by 2022 but the solution proferred by McKinsey, The Green Party et al, whilst adding to Government coffers, does not address the core issue – CAPACITY.  The increasing mobility of a growing global middle-class along with cheaper air fares […]

Letter to Otago Daily Times

As one introduced species to another, can I congratulate you on publishing Lewis Hore’s article (Bias against introduced animals needs revision, 20 Jan 2017).  How sick we all are of hearing the “all native good, all introduced bad” dogma which denies that honey bees pollinate native trees, eucalyptus and elderberry trees provide food for our […]


The Government’s consultation document on marine and recreational fishing parks has drawn fire from the Outdoors Party. They say it will have negligible impact on recreational sea fishing and shows how little those politicians who support it understand fishing and the outdoors. “Sediment and pollution from aquaculture, forestry run off, changes to estuarine morphology from […]

New Bacteria Cause Salmon Farm Deaths in NZ – Could Destroy NZ Wild Trout Fishery

Press Release David Haynes. NZ Outdoors Party www.outdoorsparty.co.nz New Bacteria Cause Salmon Farm Deaths in NZ. “Those at the Bay of Plenty Regional Council who are pushing for commercial trout farming to be legalised would do well to heed the recent press release from the Ministry of Primary Industries on fish farm deaths due to […]