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Making Our Outdoors The Heart Of New Zealand

Our seas, our rivers, our lakes, our beaches, our land all belong to the people of New Zealand. Our access to and enjoyment of our natural environment is a given; it’s part of our heritage, our culture, our way of life and it’s why tourists come here.

Our unique outdoor environment has provided food, recreation and social benefit for generations and it should continue to do so, forever, without question, without compromise.

Our High Five Principles To Enable This Right
    • No more trawling of our coastal fisheries
    • Stop wasteful commercial practices
    • Promote marine abundance and diversity
    • Recognise the value of recreational fishing
    • Keep freshwater fresh
    • Keep our rivers and lake full
    • Protect the natural character and life of waterbodies
    • Water belongs to us and is not for sale
    • Our bottom line - Excellent aquatic health
    • Game animals are a valuable recreational, social and food resource
    • Cease all aerial toxin operations, they don't work
    • Protect our wild places
    • Biology, not chemistry, for future food production
    • Create & maintain a poison-free food basket
    • Local communities to determine limits on tourist numbers
    • Management by hunters, for hunters
    • Walking Access Commission - retained and strengthened
    • Tenure review and overseas investments to be conditional upon substantial public outdoor opportunities
    • Inshore fisheries to be co-managed by user groups
    • Regional councils to regulate not develop our natural environment
    The Outdoors Party wishes to establish a Futures Commissioner to determine:
      • Our environmental limits to economic growth
      • Our optimum place in the global economy
      • Our population and visitor capacity
      • How we best preserve our culture, biodiversity and values
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Love The Outdoors New Zealand

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If You Love The Outdoors Then Help Us Keep The New Zealand Way Of Life For Generations To Come.

  •  Hunters, Fisherman
  •  Trampers, Lovers Of The Outdoors
  •  Campers, Boaties, Skiers
  •  Mountain Bikers, Artists
  •  Divers, Swimmers
  •  Farmers, Beach Lovers
  •  Conservationists
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